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You can email me at moc.liamg@1ddot.hsimah, sponsor my work on patreon, and read a bare-bones bio here.

Current research

Left: kid in VR. Right: what he can see - a protein in the interior of a leaf

My PhD is about creating VR software for helping to study the shape of biological molecules (including molecules relevant to cancer, HIV, world-hunger-curing crops blah blah blah!). Aside from the educational stuff you can find in the links above, I am also working on a VR version of a program called "Coot". Coot is used by every single person in the field of "structural biology" - you know those "colored balls connected with sticks" molecules you see? They are created, using Coot, from "blurry" three-dimensional data; that's what's on the right in the picture above.

Science videos / explorable explanations

Further writing and lectures on game design and education

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Contact (in order of preference!)

Email: moc.liamg@1ddot.hsimah
Skype: ddotretephsimah
Twitter: @hamish_todd

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